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April 30th, 2011 1:44 am

So, I’m starting to feel somewhat positive about the theme and I have an idea or two rolling around in my head. The trouble is, they are all much too complicated for Ludum Dare. I need to try to whittle one down to the very basics, so that I have a chance of finishing.

I decided immediately that I’m not going to do any kind of adventure game. The immediate reason is that I’m afraid that we’ll end up with 150 Zelda clones, but also I don’t really like adventure games.

So that leaves everything else. I feel like there still needs to be some element of movement, journeying or questing. I’m also inclined to have a prominent two-player mode, for the “dangerous to go alone” angle. The trouble is that these two things together could lead to something quite complicated. From the more concrete ideas I have, the two-player mode is the thing I’d be most likely to cut, if it weren’t for that damn theme.

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