Red/Yellow/Blue is not a useful colour model

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April 30th, 2011 8:35 pm

Yeah, I know. We were LIED TO at preschool. Childhood: destroyed. :-(

My idea: You are a nurse at a hospital for solo adventurers. It’s dangerous to go alone, but they went anyway, so now they’re sick. Each one has a different illness, represented by a different colour. In true homeopathy style (hey, it is a fantasy universe), to cure an illness of a particular colour you must make a potion of that colour, by mixing primary colours together.

Since potion colours are caused by pigments (SCIENCE!), a subtractive colour scheme is called for – namely, CMY. I wanted to use Red-Yellow-Blue, but it doesn’t actually work in practice. Sadness.

Here’s what I have so far: Playable Demo (requires Unity Web Player)


What do you reckon - graphics award is in the bag, yeah?

Click boxes to go there. You can visit the grey box to pick up a (weirdly-spherical) flask, and then visit the cyan, yellow, and magenta boxes to fill it with colours. Colours mix together quasi-correctly (I cheated and scaled them, so that one of the CMY channels is always at 100%, to make mixed colours look more vibrant).

The other rectangle thing will be a bed, eventually.

Playable Demo (requires Unity Web Player)

To-do list:

  • Patients with semi-randomly-coloured diseases
  • Patients have a sickness bar that starts at 50% and fills up over time.
  • Using a correctly-coloured potion on a patient will decrease the sickness bar. The closer the pigment, the bigger the decrease. Completely wrong potions will INcrease sickness.
  • Patients die when sickness bar is full
  • Patients survive (disappear and +1 score) when sickness falls to zero
  • Clicking queues up movement orders. Right-clicking clears the queue.
  • Tables to put WIP flasks down on.
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Animations?
  • High score list?

Oh boy. Less posting more coding.

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