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April 30th, 2011 12:06 pm

17 hours down, 31 to go!  How have things gone since my last update?  Well… it’s really hard to say.  I took about a 4 hour nap/sleep in the middle of the night, which was probably a good idea.  I’ve written about an additional 300-400 lines of code.  So far, though, I still have nothing to actually show beyond a (new, slightly improved) title screen.

I’ve set up the bulk of my procedural map generation system, which is probably the single largest piece of code for the game… so I’m probably actually quite far along… but so far I still have no art and have ability to actually put a dude on the screen and move him around.  That’s what I’m working on now; a little bit of artwork, and then I’ll be trying to move around a simple test screen before jumping him into the game-proper.

Energy wise I’m doing okay… very drowsy, but a steady stream of caffeine, sugar, and music are keeping me focused and on task.  I’ll probably end up having to take another nap this evening, though, especially if I plan on being up most/all the night.

Hopefully I’ll report back in another few hours with some screen shots, or possibly even gameplay video!

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