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April 30th, 2011 1:40 pm

As is traditional now, I’ve spent a couple of hours having things not work for no explicable reason. It doesn’t help that Flashpunk’s documentation isn’t very good, but all I’m trying to do is draw a line, for which there is a function, which does nothing.

Maybe it’s a simple thing (the equivalent to forgetting to add a tween to the world) but whatever it is, it’s burned me out a bit. If anyone could tell me how to draw a line and make it work (preferably onto a Canvas, as I’ll be doing collisions from it too) then I’d be very, very grateful! And you’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling, along with a game that has lines in! Everyone’s a winner!


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  1. AtkinsSJ says:

    Not much point in making a new post so:

    I had a shower, reconsidered what I actually wanted to do (draw a chain) and realised that a TiledImage would be much more suitable. However, while TiledImages have support for rotation and scaling in the docs, in practice these things do not work, and simply make it invisible. WHYYYYYYYYYYY.

    Seriously, Flashpunk guys, sort out the documentation! It’s pretty unhelpful, and so many things seem to just not work with no explanation anywhere of requisites.

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