LD20X6: Protecting You From Danger!

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April 30th, 2011 3:57 pm

Sleeping takes way too much time. I think I lost like 6 hours there!

My idea for this LD was pretty simple: Since it’s dangerous to go alone, bring weapons! Absurd weapons! LOTS of absurd weapons!

Basically, the concept is that you have a friend (call him Q, Lucius Fox, Isaak, whatever) who likes making weapons. Every time you go on a mission, he gives you something new, shiny, and destructive. And you always come back thanking him.

So… now that I have a full parallax-based sprite engine (hooray for PyGame!) I’m starting on actual game mechanics. I’ve had 3 slightly different concepts for how to execute this concept:

  • side-scrolling space shooter (similar to Raptor)
  • vertically-scrolling space shooter (similar to Tyrian, Galaxians, etc.)
  • top-down, free movement hover shooter (similar to Zone 66)

I’m still not entirely sure which to choose, though I’m leaning toward the Zone 66 style, only with better controls.

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