I haven’t dropped out yet!

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April 30th, 2011 5:19 pm

Surprisingly I am still here.


Night one was a good start.

7:30pm (pst) start. I managed to get a working GL app with mouse input and some text output.

9:00pm?? mmm burgers



11:20pm I had a game design and started to code!

Drinking and coding proceded until about 1:00am when a friend arrived. Promptly forgot about LD and hung out with friend until about 6:00am when I decided I should sleep.

~12:30?? wake up

breakfast cartoons.

mmm food. mmm coffee.


Sourdough + Cashew Butter + Strong Coffee


~2:00pm started up again!

Game has enemies with ‘intelligence’!


Mmm leftovers.

Salad + Leftovers

Clearly I need to start busting my arse if I want something more than just-barely-complete.

I’ll do a screenshot post of game progress at the end of this thing. For now all you get is GRATUITOUS FOOD SHOTS!

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