Half-time?! I guess a Screenshot would be in place.

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April 30th, 2011 7:07 pm

So, day 1:

* Started well, friends are impressed at how well I’ve been doing.
* A few hours in I started hitting various porting bugs that I had to deal with, and I started to overengineer stuff.

Closer to dinner I decided that I’m going to simplify things – just make stuff work, get this done. It will definitly be a short game, but it will be a game nonetheless. Had some sleep, battled a killer-bug – and started doing some actual progress.

What you see to the left, is the house our main character lives in. What you see to the right, is the dungeon of the game. Due to some limitations I’ve discovered in my tileengine, I wont make more effort at doing overworld – I’ll just design a dungeon, some puzzles and mobs, and a hopefully a bossfight – and the quest should be complete.

Yes, it’s obviously a Zelda-clone.

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