Finally with the game mechanics!

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April 30th, 2011 9:56 am

So, this isn’t particularly fun, and it is horribly buggy, but you can play the game now. I should have tried to get to this point quicker, but I guess that is the fun / challenge of making games, that it is unclear on how to execute on mechanics. There is a bug where you brick dropper can get stuck off the tower, so you just gotta refresh in that case.


Press Z to drop bricks.

Protect the HQ.

Go Play! (flash)

So, now that I have that, I can start working on everything else, and ideas are starting to really flow. Here are some things that I want to do:

  • Tune theĀ aggressivenessĀ of the missiles. Right now most of them don’t even come close to hitting you HQ. There is also no difficulty ramp.
  • Have the brick dropper need to refresh before you can drop another brick.
  • Make more types of bricks that can be dropped, including offensive ones that will attack the missiles.
  • Have a brick dropper on either side of your hq so that you can protect the sides. The brick dropper would either get the next brick in the completed queue, or it would wait until a brick finished constructing.
  • More enemies (the UFO, and possibly ground troops)

Now, the question is, do I keep hammering away at this, or do I go watch Thor3d…

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