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April 30th, 2011 6:25 pm

Hey guys – have been coding for more than 22 hours in a row now (not counting eating, etc.), so it’s time for some sleep. What I’ve done so far is here: may contain blood – depending on your skills 😉

Oh – and if anyone could beat level 4 – let me know. Because it was too hard for me XD

Tomorrow I will add trigger to do events, possibly more enemies (bigger ones), more levels and sound. Good night @ all

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  1. tnelsond says:

    On my computer it sorta works, I really have to mash the wasd buttons and click to get the screen to update to where I can see the bird moving. And I keep dying when I fly to the right. Is this all because I’m using suckless’ surf web browser?

  2. Alan Lynn says:

    Here are some suggestions I think would improve the game significantly:
    -Shoot on mouse down, not mouse up. (More immediate response)
    -Hold the mouse button down to shoot repeatedly. (Much less clicking)
    -Don’t let an enemy shoot at you unless you can see it. (Less “unfair”)
    -Make early enemies bigger and/or slower and/or non-attacking. (More gradual learning curve)

  3. Fenmar says:

    thank you – it’s much appreciated

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