Sages’s Suggestibles and Specialty Shop

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April 30th, 2011 3:57 pm

Update time! I have made some progress! Buttons for selections are in and the item panel is done (aside from how to actually deal with the items being “used”). In any case, here is how it looks after you select ITEMS:


Game idea is based around this old man in a cave (yet to be drawn, wizard placeholder visible) who all adventurers go to for things, namely items and advice (much like Zelda geeet iiiit?). Anyway, people come in, ask for something and you are free to give them something suitable or something completely random and zany dialogue occurs. You are scored based on how well¬† you do, but going for a high score would be just as much “fun” as going for a low score so the player is free to do whatever. The title of the store changes depending on score.¬† Tomorrow the plan is to implement a bunch of worlds/levels that are simple 10-15 second minigames that show the adventurer using the item/advice the player gives them. Example: Trying to do a shmup with a banana is not going to go well, or trying to host a dinner party with a robot is… actually that sounds awesome. You get the idea.

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