Take This!

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April 30th, 2011 1:35 am

Ok, so the name might change but I finally decided on a concept!

Take the role of a shop keeper and supply adventurers with items. Craft items from resources. Get resources from returning adventurers or buy them from traveling salesmen. Adventurers try to defeat an evil empire and you can see the progress as they move towards their goal. If they survive a fight they come back to purchase more things and hand over any goodies found. Repeat until one side wins!

Take This!

Cake Mania meets Minecraft meets Pianola!

4 Responses to “Take This!”

  1. TomK32 says:

    Sounds very much like my idea. Good luck in doing a better game than me. You’ll need it 😉

  2. johanp says:

    Ah, cool. Will be interesting to see how they will turn out!

  3. TomK32 says:

    You better not do it in Javascript and HTML 😀 But there’s a big difference, in my game there’s no evil empire, you might even deliver weapons for the empire at some point, and the player role is more of a craftsman than a mere shopkeeper.

  4. johanp says:

    Yeah, no worries. Concepts often look similar but once they’re implemented it can become quite different. All AS3 here btw.

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