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April 29th, 2011 2:48 am

I was kinda boring/reclusive last LD, so I’m going to try to post arbitrarily large amounts of stuff this time around. We get rated on community after all, right? Gotta put on a show for the folks at home ^^. Not super entertaining cause we’re still 16 hours away from the start, but here’s a shot of what I’m going to be staring at for two days:

Note the mini-fridge within arm’s reach. It is loaded with mountain dew, as it always is. I might be a stereotype, but at least I am a caffeinated stereotype.

Also note the “OpenGL Library” box on the computer… it has my trusty red book and orange book. I will be using neither of these during the compo, because HOLY SHIT raw OpenGL is way too hard for me to do on this timeframe ^^;;. I keep them there for other projects. Maybe they will bring me good luck.

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  1. spoon says:

    Good luck sir! You’re right I think, you’d have to be crafty to get any benefit using raw OpenGL, compared to ready made engine, or simpler libraries, in such a short time.

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