Javascript/HTML5 games with JawsJS

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April 29th, 2011 7:37 am

Been working a lot on a Javascript game engine called JawsJS ( ) for the last months. Aiming to make a game with it this LD.

So why make a game in Javascript?

– ppl don’t have to download/install/unzip anything

– no securityworries where ppl have to scan your files and/or switch to their “game user”

– The new popular HTML5 comes with tons of new power, canvas tag for freeform painting, audio tags, local storage, websockets for multiplayer.

– Builds on years of experience  of my Ruby game engine Chingu

– instant deployment across all operating systems, hell even for tabs/phones if done right.

Now the last point isn’t 100% true. There’s a lot of browserquirks to take into account. But if the gamer has a decently recent Chrome of Firefox there shouldn’t be a problem. IE9 works well too (8 is kinda flaky in certain areas though).

JawsJS comes with a lot of example, here’s one:


Also made a full mini-game with it some time ago:


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