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April 29th, 2011 2:47 pm

Hey all

I figure as rules demand I should really (re)present myself and intentions. It’s my first time doing Ludum Dare and it’ll be interesting to see just how much gameplay I can cram into a piece of code within the allotted time – if any.

The game will be Flash-based. I would have considered Flashpunk but I don’t have enough experience with the framework just yet.¬†Instead I’ll be using a custom-fitted version of Flixel which I’ve used with some hibernating projects lying around Github (https://github.com/tellus). While none of them will likely be a basis for the game (actually, I intend on it not to), I’ll most likely draw on a few supporting routines and procedures from the modified Flixel and my support lib tellusLibsAs. As should be obvious by now, all of the code is freely available from Github. Flashdevelop will be the IDE of choice (I’ve fallen in love with that piece of software, delicious) as well as Paint.NET for graphical purposes (I’m spartan… very spartan… basically Spartacus-spartan) and if… when… eventually… sound may be a necessary evil element of the game I think I’ll fall back to something quirky through Audacity. Open-source and freeware throughout.

I’m rooting for a few particularly interesting themes myself (one cannot help but visualise possible ideas already) but let’s see where things head.

Good luck to all and cheers for a great weekend!

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