Hour One

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April 29th, 2011 8:04 pm

I made a title screen o_o.

Sometimes I wonder if I spend too much timeĀ focusingĀ on things like title screens and main menus, but I really never feel like a game is finished unless it has them. Also it’s the simplest case for the “GameMode” class that I re-create with every single project; it’s just a class that encapsulates a particular combination of visualization, simulation, and input. It’s good for switching between things like “Main Menu”, “Inventory Screen”, “Map Screen”, and “Overworld View”. Or whatever. You get the idea.


One of these days I should make a real library / framework for my flow control code and other stuff. Maybe after this LD I’ll try to extract some of the nicer bits and do just that.

Anyway, back to work!

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  1. BurnZeZ says:

    This is clearly the best game so far.

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