Final Round Voting!

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April 29th, 2011 6:31 am

If you haven’t yet, go here and cast your vote for the final theme:


For a complete list of theme voting results, go here. If you haven’t yet watched the keynote, GO HERE. Seriously, check it out, it’s great.

Theme Announcement

The theme will be announced once the clock above hits zero. The website tends to gets hammered at the start time, and we can’t get the theme results if we can’t visit the site ourselves! So instead of refreshing the website constantly, we recommend checking one of the following places for the theme: (the hub) | @ludumdare on Twitter in #LudumDare

Historically, IRC gets the theme first, so if you want it soonest you should go there. Twitter and the hub page should get it next, followed by the website and the mailing list. Traffic should lighten up within 5 minutes, so feel free to come back and start blogging. Hopefully we can avoid bringing the server to it’s knees this time. Thanks everyone!

15 Responses to “Final Round Voting!”

  1. Sos says:

    So it’s a girl game? Hurray!

  2. sol_hsa says:

    And do remember that missing the theme for a couple hours doesn’t really matter. The theme will be announced at around 5am Finnish time, and I don’t recommend any finns should wake up at that hour.

    Rest well, you’ll have time to get tired.

  3. NGuillemot says:

    I hope that “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” does not win. How stupid for a video game quote to win a contest made for people who love games… It’s not special in any way.

  4. Zutty says:

    I wish I had suggested “Royal Wedding” now, as I have an insane craving to make a co-op shooter where you control Will & Kate.

  5. athanazio says:

    Colossal will have a colossal number of votes !!

  6. Manuel777 says:

    Colossal sound nice, but i would preffer soemthing like Anachronism or Climbing to win.. loads of variety! ^^

  7. Shadow says:

    Climbing -as interesting as it is- has been abused since Prince of Persia, so I would prefer something else.

  8. rAzzB1tcH says:

    Illusion sounds like it would be a fun theme, IMO.

  9. No love for broken physics? There’s actually a lot of gameplay hiding in that one!

  10. PoV says:

    Haha, twitter is acting up right now. Oh great!

  11. SonnyBone says:

    I’m rooting for TRAPS and GIRL GAME

    Deal with it

  12. If we get ‘Girl Game’, I might run with my original ‘Sexuality’ idea of having the protagonist being a guy trying to convince a girl to go all the way, and the girl assigning increasingly difficult (and zany!) feats of strength and skill by which he has to prove his worthiness.

  13. MrDude says:

    I’m rooting for Colony or Isolation. I think they’re interesting.

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