By a landslide?

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April 29th, 2011 8:45 pm

So a meme really took it eh?

It’s a nice open ended theme, but I can’t eek out a creative or gimmicky design around it. So as per the usual I think I’ll use the LD as an¬†opportunity¬†to test out some technologies I’ve wanted to play with (Flashpunk and Flint. Also buffering inputs). Going to go with a simple side scrolling feline beat em’ up. Something pretty similar to Dad N’ Me.

A snapshot of my inspiration

Totally a brawler



How do you creative folks manage to knock out non-derivative LD titles anyhow? I need help working my creative muscle.


  • Photoshop and Paint.NET
  • sfxr
  • Likely some sort of online music generator ( possibly)
  • Flash CS4
  • Flashpunk and Tweener(unless Flashpunk has some built in tweening methods) for my libraries.
  • Flash Builder
  • Chronolapse – Yay timelapse!

Any suggestions on good sprite sheet / pixel art tools? Should I use Graphics Gale?

Oh, and a parting workspace snapshot:

I had a choice between cleaning my workspace area, and sleeping. Which of the two I chose is self evident.


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