The techs behind LD #20

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April 28th, 2011 12:25 pm

Out of curiosity I started making a spreadsheet listing the technologies the participants has announced that they are intending to use for the upcoming Ludum Dare #20. I wanted to see what programming language most people were using as well as what tools were popular. I thought I might as well share it here, as it might be that others would be interested in these statistics as well. Please note that this document is not intended to be a perfect list.

I read through a lot of posts to make this list, and it made me be even more geared up to this weekend.

9 Responses to “The techs behind LD #20”

  1. xhunterko says:

    That, is abxolutely cool!

  2. Yeah, great Idea. Some very interesting data in there. :)

  3. FireSlash says:

    Wow, nice! Interesting to see I’m the only FRB guy this year it seems.

  4. Little Angel says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for the data, but *really* thanks for the links!

  5. Orangy Tang says:

    It’d be really interesting to see a corresponding one for people who finish and submit a game. Going from what I remember of previous competitions most of the people using C or C++ don’t actually submit anything, and the most polished entries usually come from the people using Python, Java and Flash.

  6. lorddon says:

    Great work compiling this!

  7. philomory says:

    I should note, you have Chingu classified as an IDE, but it’s not, it’s a framework for Ruby, built on top of Gosu

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