Surprise, surprise, it looks like audio output in Allegro 4.x, along with UT, Wolfenstein ET and probably a bunch of other stuff is completely hosed on recent Ubuntu versions (thanks, Canonical, for wrecking backwards compatibility so we could hear your stupid bongos everywhere and thanks, PulseAudio for gratuitously breaking ALSA compatibility).  I’ve tried a few things to fix it, but it’s too close to contest time to be doing IT stuff.

Anyone out there have any suggestions for alternate distros that

  • have NVidia ION drivers either in their repositories or don’t die horribly with the ones from NVidia’s website?
  • don’t use PulseAudio (do NOT want), or have some kind of OSS emulation layer?
  • are likely to work with NForce ethernet?
  • are likely to work with RealTek 8192SE wifi?

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  1. voxel says:

    disable pulseaudio autospawning. it’s what worked for me in Maverick

  2. I will try that, thanks.

    Won’t that make it so any binaries I produce will work on my machine, but lapse into silence on another user’s, though?

  3. voxel says:

    i suppose that’s possible, but if you’re using allegro on any distro and it has a problem with vanilla ubuntu, you’re going to have the problem regardless. Also I find that my allegro stuff works fine on my ubuntu netbook, it’s just the mixer on my desktop that dies a quiet death with pulseaudio.

  4. Are you using the package from the repository, or did you build from sources? I’m building from source, with enable-static=yes, enable-alsa=yes and enable-oss=no, and all I get from exstream is ‘Unable to find a sound driver’.

    By the way, thanks for helping me.

  5. GreaseMonkey says:

    Are you doing this with 16-bit output? Try restricting it to 8-bit output in allegro.cfg.

    With that said, if you have the bandwidth / backup space / tolerance / chocolate mudcake / time / whatever… I’m not sure what distro I’d pick now that apparently Debian has also been overrun by Canonical, although that might be worth trying.

  6. kosinus says:

    Huh? I’m having none of these issues. Is it possible this is all OpenAL stuff?

  7. Thanks to everyone who tried to help. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to debug this further before contest time, so I’ll be competing from Win7 (I know this is lame, but I really don’t have a choice in the matter).

    Before submitting, I’ll make sure it compiles without (too many) warnings and runs on at least Angstrom, though.

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