Welcome to Ludum Dare 20!

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April 27th, 2011 12:13 pm

Hi everybody!

It’s just about time for the big two-oh, kicking off our 9th year with the first event of 2011!

2010 was an amazing year for Ludum Dare, with over 800 games created by the community! We’re always optimistic, but have extremely high hopes for 2011! Will we break 1000?

Last year we introduced the October Challenge, a special event that saw 24 people not only finish, but bring games to market (app stores, sponsorship, shareware, donationware, etc). That’ll be back again this October, so stay tuned for that. But we know some people that just couldn’t wait! 1 Month Game started by Sophie Houlden is a shared blog community for those that are up to the challenge. Check it out! And speaking of community, #ScreenshotSaturday is a twitter phenomenon spearheaded by Pekuja that has exploded! Check out the latest images at ScreenshotSaturday.com. And if you’ve ever been curious what the community is up to in addition to Ludum Dare, we have Planet Ludum Dare.

Of course, we can’t forget the Jam at GDC. This past March, on the final day of the Game Developers Conference, several of us attendees met-up at the Noisebridge hacker-space in San Francisco to “hack”. Here’s some photos from the gathering:

Extra special thanks to Terry for suggesting the venue. We hope to see more of you next year.

That’s enough reminiscing. Time to get down to business.

Ludum Dare 20 Keynote, with Sos

Hey cool guy, it’s keynote time!!

This keynote is brought to you by Sos, our first non-admin to do a keynote. Check it out, I think it turned out really great.

That’s all for now. Good luck, and we hope you make something great this weekend.


37 Responses to “Welcome to Ludum Dare 20!”

  1. joekinley says:

    Whoop… best keynote evar… evar evar… and yes we all are ninja game squads owning oil companies. Man keep these keynotes up

  2. Kyliroth says:

    This Keynote was awesome haha. I was going to do it but i felt that because i’m not fully IN then it would be inappropiate to show my face. Next time though.

  3. that, was a pretty sweet keynote video. I’m all fired up, bring on LD20! 😀

  4. DeathBySnail says:

    That was a fun idea for a keynote. This weekend is going to be oh-some!

  5. recursor says:

    Yo Sos,

    Very nice job on the keynote!

  6. TheLolrus says:

    awesome keynote :3

  7. thristhart says:

    Oh Sos you silly.

  8. bluescrn says:

    so finally, we know that the more popular pronunciation is! and the winner is

    ‘loo-dumm dayr’

    not the maybe-more-correct-latin

    ‘ludd-umm dah-ray’

  9. winferno says:

    This is awesome, good job putting the keynote together! I was really surprised to see a snippet of my time lapse video in there, lol. I couldn’t decide whether to join the event this time, but I believe the keynote has done it. I’m pumped!

  10. Pure awesome fun. LOVE IT!
    Best keynote video for any LD48 ever.
    Thanks for all your hard work SoS!

  11. hooligan says:

    WORD! to that keynote

  12. Rockdtben says:

    That was great. I’m in.

  13. Manuel777 says:

    Darn ninjas.. ¬¬

    Excellent keynote SoS! ^^

  14. Neilo says:

    Bring it on! Good work with the keynote :)

  15. DoctorMikeReddy says:

    It’s amazing how “I’m in!” repeated many times can be so uplifting. Thank you!

  16. fishbrain says:

    Awesomeness! …great job Sos!

  17. fishbrain says:

    (I was happy to see the demographic that had age 40 and over participants… lol, unless that demographic is just me?! … I’m a bit of a coding veteran I suppose, at age 41)

    • Let’s hear it for the old farts! We rule your baby whipper snappers! White hairs FTW!

      Don’t feel at all alone in your old fartishness. I’m 38, and I think the majority of Ludum Darers are in their thirties or higher – after all, it is tough to write a game without university programming education, which is also the majority if we take those stats to be roughly correct.

      I was blown away with the stats graph and just wonder: where/when did the poll for this come about? I never answered any questions about this – I’m sure I could have helped to push the age and education demographic higher. =)

  18. jonbro says:

    this keynote made me tear up. way to go Sos.

  19. id0001 says:

    nice one Sos, great key-note!

  20. HybridMind says:

    Cheers Sos! That was quite a great keynote! Love the 3d map of all the participants. Really inspiring.

  21. Folis says:

    I saw my name @ 3:30 ^^

    Also: Great keynote!

  22. devinmoore says:

    see me around 5:00 with the happy mac, aww can’t read it. Next time I’ll do ascii art with it so you can at least see what it says.

  23. SonnyBone says:

    OH GOD

    The Mario dude at the end will haunt my dreams.


    And uh… where did the map thing come from? I’m pretty sure my name is listed in the wrong location. lol



  24. The Jahn says:

    Excellent key note. :’)

    I just hope I can finish this time around. 😛

  25. spliter says:

    Yeah, Deffinitely my fav keynote.

  26. Sos says:

    Thanks everyone I’m glad you liked it 😉

  27. Shadow says:

    Totally loved the note. Good work dude.

  28. philomory says:

    Haha, fun seeing my name, all by myself in the middle of the pacific!

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