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    LD20 Framework and Tool Declarations

    Posted by (twitter: @ExciteMike)
    April 25th, 2011 3:04 pm

    Getting ready for Ludum Dare!

    I’ll be using AS3, like I’ve done for previous Ludum Dares. Unless somehow I get an idea that would be better in 3d, in which case I will go with Unity.

    Music: Coding theme song. Level design theme song. Gaps filled by Pandora.com.

    Food: It has become part of my Ludum Dare ritual to go nuts buying snacks before LD weekend.


    Framework: Stego, the as3 framework that’s been grown out of the reusable parts of previous compos.

    IDE: FlashDevelop.

    Graphics: I’ll be doing pixelly sprite stuff in a copy of Photoshop CS 1 which as far as you know was obtained completely legitimately. I’d like to start doing more vector-based stuff, but I figure for LD I’d better stick with what I’m used to.

    Music: I will probably mess around with GreaseMonkey’s music generator like I did for LD19. I’ve also used Wario Ware DIY and Wolfram Tones in the past and those kind of worked, so if for some reason I’m not liking what I’m getting out of one tool, I’ll switch to another.

    Sound Effects: SFXR and/or BFXR.

    Timelapse: Keeyai’s Chronolapse. It’s worked great so far.

    Sauce Control: Mercurial, pushed to a repo on Bit Bucket.

    Twitter: @ExciteMike

    Interweb pagesite: http://excitemike.com/ Has my games and stuff.

    Plan: At present, I am leaning toward doing something extremely simple, even for an LD game, but then have lots and lots of levels. I’d also love to make something multiplayer, but I don’t think people tend to have friends nearby when they go to play or rate LD games. Hmm, that sounds kind of sad when I say it that way. Point is, while multiplayer is often super fun, fewer people will be able to enjoy my game if it needs two willing people in the same room.

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    2 Responses to “LD20 Framework and Tool Declarations”

    1. recursor says:

      I cannot quite make out what is under the loaf of bread behind the check mix, but otherwise, I approve.

    2. ExciteMike says:

      “throwback” Mountain Dew

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