Double New

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April 24th, 2011 10:14 pm

Hello. TL;DR version upfront: New, trying new language, done something similar before, probably end badly.

Some back-story:

I’ve had some friends do LD in the past, and that always seems fun. I even did a “homemade” 24-hour challenge with my good friend (Overkill/@Bananattack) where we had 5 tries to get a good name off the video game name generator and then make a game based entirely around the name in 24 hours. I got “Advanced Battleship Mission” to my delight, and the other guy got “Maximum Yak Attack”. To make it extra hard, we also got to inject an additional theme into each others game after the name was picked. Thinking I was clever I put “Multiplayer” into his game, and I got stuck with “GOATS”. Long story short, he made a game much like the old Rampage arcade game, and mine was some bizarre defense survival game with goats. They were both pretty rough, but it was fun to do.

In any case, I am new to Ludum Dare. Here are the tools I will be tinkering with:

Platform: Flash. Never done any Flash work before, but I figure this is as good a time as any to learn it.

IDE: FlashDevelop. I am a big fan of Visual Studio and they look pretty much the same. Also I have no idea how to compile Flash stuff myself so all the help I can get is great.

Libraries: Flixel or FlashPunk. I am not entirely sure which yet, but I have been running through some tutorials to get a feel for them.

Visuals: Paint.NET I guess. I am terrible at “art”.

Sounds: SFXR and whatever I can find that works for background music. I might just pull out my keyboard, play some random chords and then run it through some synthesizer and make it sound weird. That or just record me making sounds.

Other: Probably a few bottles of Dr. Pepper, a coffee or three, and some random video game music.

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