Ludum Dare 20 Theme Voting has begun!

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April 23rd, 2011 3:25 pm

Theme voting has now begun! Tune in every day this week for a new round of theme voting.


Special thanks go to LegacyCrono for setting up the Google spreadsheet, and everyone that helped prune the list to a more manageable size.

84 Responses to “Ludum Dare 20 Theme Voting has begun!”

  1. anthonyl says:

    needs a minecraft theme

  2. the Jack says:

    Disaster, explosions, and meltdown?



  3. MrDude says:

    What is “sexuality” doing in there?

    If that wins, I will have to abandon my previous plans and go for something… different. 😉

  4. maseck says:

    My feeling on round 1 candidates.
    Anachronism – Big word. 0
    Burying – Different from climbing. This should be interesting. +1
    Climbing – Climbing the tower is too common. I want an idea that nobody knows what to do with at first. -1
    Clouded perception – Leaving the user to figure out his environment seems interesting. I want to see others’ takes. +1
    Colony – Colony just feels like it has been done. -1
    Colossal – eh. Could be good; could be bad. 0
    Conversion – I have a bad feeling about this one. -1
    Disaster – I want to see a disaster game where you don’t cause the disaster. +1
    Explosions – Explosions are too cliche. -1
    Fall – Game where you are constantly falling. Game where you are constantly climbing. -1
    Glue – Think this leaves many doors open. +1
    Insanity – Not having complete control of your own actions would be an interesting concept. Nobody will have that take on it so half the fun will be in complaining. +1
    Isolation – Not quite sure. 0
    Meltdown – Too political. -1
    Meta-game – Eh. 0
    Psychic Abilities – Allows the programmer to exit the realm of normal physics. It’s like what portal did. +1
    Resurrection – Resurrection can be a horrid plot excuse if overused. If overused properly, it has hilarious potential. +1
    Reversal – Don’t feel that this one leaves enough open. 0
    Sexuality – Splosh. 0
    Theatre – Not exactly sure what this would spawn. 0
    Traps – Traps are in many games. I want to see something new. -1
    Weight – What does it mean. 0

    • Magnus says:

      I’ll do one too.
      Anachronism – That would be amazing. Like medieval times with laser guns. +1
      Burying – It would be pretty hard to pull off a game like this. -1
      Climbing – This could yield some good games, like a roguelike platformer tower climber would be cool. Even something like GIRP would be awesome. +1
      Clouded perception – Fog of war? Sounds cool. +1
      Colony – RTS style? Not sure about this one. 0
      Colossal – Can’t help instantly thinking of Shadow of the Colossus. Sounds awesome. +1
      Conversion – This doesn’t feel like it would go very far. -1
      Disaster – Sounds sort of story oriented. It would go in too many different directions. 0
      Explosions – Has some potential. Chain reaction game maybe? 0
      Fall – Sounds cool, kind of like AAAaAaaAa!! Not much potential though. 0
      Glue – This could go anywhere. 0
      Insanity – Sounds too vague and story based. 0
      Isolation – Sounds alright. I can think of some cool ideas. +1
      Meltdown – Very broad. I guess preventing or running from a meltdown might be cool. 0
      Meta-game – Extremely meta theme. 0
      Psychic Abilities – Sort of low ceiling. Don’t get mixed up with Telekinesis though, maseck. -1
      Resurrection – Sounds pretty cool. +1
      Reversal – Meh. -1
      Sexuality – Chuckled. Penises everywhere. -1
      Theatre – Lame. -1
      Traps – Too narrow. -1
      Weight – Low ceiling. Limited. -1

  5. Nugsy says:

    My favourite of the first round is probably Isolation. I get some sweet ideas from that.

  6. moltanem2000 says:

    so we all up-voted nihilism right? Not that it really matters, I’m about 90% sure none of this is real anyways.

  7. finalsin says:

    So do we not get the voting results until the end? Is Round 1 still open?

    • Mr. Wonko says:

      If you can still vote, it’s still open. And I think that’s the case. Also: “LD20 Theme Voting Rounds 1 and 2 are live. Giving extra time due to the holiday.” (via Twitter)
      And no, the result won’t be revealed until the end – the final theme gets announced when the compo starts. Looking forward to that.

    • Nugsy says:

      You can usually work out which theme is going to win by looking at which one has the highest ranking out of the previous rounds.

  8. mchnzr says:

    What time zone is the competition starting in? The only time I could find said 7pm, but it didn’t say what time zone. Thanks.

  9. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    Massive Singleplayer Offline Rocket-Propelled Grenade FTW!!!!!!!!

  10. TheLolrus says:

    Go Potatoes!!!

  11. Jonny D says:

    As usual, I’m excited most by the silly themes.

  12. MrDude says:

    I dread some of the silly themes. Maybe I’m just grumpy right now, but the thought of having to make games for some of those gives me a bad feeling.

    Non-Euclidean Space could be neat, as could a couple of others, but I downvoted most of them.

  13. mchnzr says:

    How does the voting work? Do the top themes of each round go into the final round? I too am scared of Round 3’s themes.

  14. Terrible shame about sexuality not finishing in the money. I was -so- hoping for a stick-figure dating sim/eroge…

  15. Nugsy says:

    I thought climbing might win the first round. I predict illusion will rank highly in round 2.

  16. SonnyBone says:






  17. Magnus says:

    Oh man.
    I hope Whale-Based Combat wins.
    Imagine driving around manned whale cannons on cars that run on whale blubber. You fire the cannons at the enemy, and as they explode they scatter whale blubber, you then have to run into no-man’s land and collect the precious blubber left over to use as more fuel. GENIUS!

  18. orange08 says:

    Hopefully I will have time to enter ;D (first time around here)

  19. ThatSnail says:

    Man. Round 2 had so much potential ;_;

    Illusion, paranoia, deja vu, blindness, hallucinogens, psychology, nihilism, medication. I’ve never green’ed so many themes since ever.


  20. Manuel777 says:

    Oh, PoV, i love you so much! :wub:

  21. Nugsy says:

    Round 5 has some really nice themes.

  22. natpat says:

    …..Woah, “It’s dangerous to go alone take this” has THE MOST UPVOTES :O and Non-Euclidean space is pretty high up there too… Silly themes FTW?

  23. philomory says:

    Yay, my theme suggestion is in the running! Probably won’t win, but it’s neat to see it there nonetheless.

  24. Dan C says:

    I am immensely disappointed that ‘kittens’ is at -41 :'(.

  25. Coriform says:

    Whooo I get to start at 10:00pm!! No sleep for me this weekend…

  26. orange08 says:

    NOOOOOOO, I’m not gonna be home that day! D:>
    Oh well… hopefully next time :*(

  27. Felipe Budinich says:

    Can’t wait for the Final Round votation, there are some pretty good themes 😀

  28. Balooga03 says:

    its a pitty whale based combat didn’t make it into the final round

  29. Rikkard says:

    My money is on Absorb followed by Climbing, Traps and the old man with the beard giving people swords.

  30. elbowroom says:

    Is anyone starting to think what they’ll do for each theme that may win?

    • mchnzr says:

      Yeah, but very concerned about climbing winning. I’m really surprised given how many games have already been made around the theme of climbing (in terms of popular games, at least), that it’s such a contender. Considering just choosing another theme if I’m not happy with the winner, but otherwise brainstorming for all the possibilities :)

    • jovoc says:

      I’m trying to keep my mind a blank.

      everytime i do that, i jinx myself by getting really attached to an idea, and then something else wins.

      even so, I haven’t been able to resist daydreaming up a few designs so far.

  31. pgil says:

    I voted for “Oh god… WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!” because I thought it was a Talking Heads reference… Turns out it’s some stupid internet joke.

    Anyway, I like evolution and aging. Big and Small could be fun too. I was against “it’s dangerous to go alone..” at first, but now I kind of want to make a zelda-like.

  32. dertom says:

    Oh my, none of my pros made it to the final vote! The rest is crap! All my hope now is on TRAPS! Go Traps Go! 😀

  33. Milo says:

    Aww… Sexuality didn’t make it. Also, all the themes I was neutral to got eliminated. I either hate or love all the themes that are still in.

  34. TheLolrus says:

    I think by this stage voting neutral is pointless. By now you only want the ones you actually like to win. :)
    Although A LOT of the themes are good this time. More than half have a +1 for me

  35. Y’know, the more I think about sexuality, the more I wish it had won. There are lots of ways it could be attacked without adding flying phalluses to a game:

    – A game where the protagonist is trying to convince their significant other to go all the way, and the SO puts them through more and more ridiculous trials to make them prove themselves worthy. Presumably, this would be some kind of minigame suite.

    – A game where the hero has just gotten a date with the girl of his dreams, and, in the dialogue, she keeps accidentally dropping risque double entendres, and you have to help the hero prevent his nose from bleeding by holding down certain difficult button combinations or performing some action that makes him not make any social mistakes.

    – A tower defense game where you have to defend an egg cell from unfavourable sperm without accidentally shooting out the desired ones.

    – Some sort of romantic comedy/dating sim thing where you play as a human schoolgirl, and you’re trying to court a tentacle demon that goes to your school, but he’s decidedly uninterested (woo, genre convention inversion!).

  36. Shadow says:

    Broken Physics and Colossal top my list.

    “Oh god… WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!” is also an interesting concept., but then again I think there’s a game about it…. and i think it’s called “real life”.

  37. snowyowl says:

    Non-Euclidean Space had better not result in more than 50 Portal clones.

  38. Sos says:

    Girlie game! Let’s do that one!

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