I’m in for LD20!

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April 23rd, 2011 11:56 am

First time participant.

Will be writing the game in Linux, crosscompiling for Windows as well. Given a day or two extra, I’ll probably throw up a Mac OS X port, too (at least I hope to)…

Language: C
Libraries: OpenGL, SDL, stb_image.c

I’m also working on my own ‘framework’-code, that helps me do basic stuff like sprite animation, tilemap rendering, collision detection, whatnot. ┬áThis code contains its own binary format for tilemaps, tilesets, and sprite animations – and I also got some extremely ad-hoc editors to go along with this.

For sound, I’ll probably only use sfxr, and perhaps audacity + my own microphone.

For music, if I get to that, I’ll probably make some beats with Hydrogen Drum Machine.

For graphics, I’ll use GIMP.

I haven’t figured out what to do with sound yet, so there’s a chance that my game will be silent – my ‘framework’ doesn’t yet have these things in place. ┬áBut, still almost an entire week left, right?


I’ll also make a timelapse, using a small shellscript, imagemagick (for taking screenshots every 10 seconds), and mencoder for making this into a video.

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