LD0 Catch-up

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April 18th, 2011 10:31 am

Okay! It’s time for me to make my LD0 (Indirect interaction) game. I will spend as much time as I can muster today doing this.

My idea is a game involving the player and their dog. The  only actions the player can take are the move around the map, and issue instructions to their dog (like, come here, sit, fetch, or speak). They have no agency to act on the world, and must overcome all obstacles through the agency of the dog, thus, indirect interaction. Also, the dog isn’t very smart and can’t navigate mazes themselves.

Given the time constraints, I forsee having very simple graphics, probably no sound at all, and only a few levels. I do hope to implement the four commands I noted above at the very least, and come up maps such that each command must be used at least once to complete the game. Other than that, everything is icing.

Here goes!

PS: Ruby, Gosu, Chingu, Pixen, and some basecode stolen from my other projects, same as always.

2 Responses to “LD0 Catch-up”

  1. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    Glad to have you catching up!

  2. jovoc says:

    All of these people doing catch-ups, I feel like i should do a “finish-up” where I go back and finish all of my previous LD entries. :)

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