Javascript write once run on any mobile library

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March 31st, 2011 1:54 pm

Hey all,

If you’ll forgive a bit of advertising here, I thought this might be useful for you all. My company (ngmoco / DeNA) has just publicly release their mobage (moh bah gay) game SDK publicly, which allows you to write games in Javascript on top of a library similar to Cocos2D or Slick and then run it on iPhone, Android, and Flash. It also is backed by a giant social network so you get access to lots of users, achievements, badges, etc., and you can deploy both in the US and Japan very easily.

I’ve used it personally and find it easy to work with and fast. I figured it might be useful to a lot of you guys who want to try out the mobile market. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. jovoc says:

    That looks really cool. Are there any example games using Mobage that I can try out on my iPhone or browser?

  2. Six says:

    Wow, pretty much every TV ad in Japan for mobile games mentioned Mobage. And there are a lot of those over there.

  3. demonpants says:

    Sorry I didn’t see all your responses. You can in fact see examples now, as mobage is in beta on Android. A few games it has are: VIP Life, Pocket God, and Zombie Farm. I’m not positive that the latter two are out yet, but they will be. I’m working on an RPG for it.

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