Since some of you suggested I make the games and only worry about polishing any later, I’ve decided to take that advice.  I’ve also decided to shorten the length of each of the prototypes to 1 week or 10 hours.  Yes it’s so little, and yes so little that my first LD catch-up game suffered from the amount of time I didn’t put in.  But I’m thinking it will hone my skills, not to mention not take a whole year to do all 20 themes.  Instead it should be about 2-3 months.  Then I can decide on how and what to improve on.

And unless I get an overwhelming response to this change (from 30 hours to 10), this is my final decision.  If any of you raise any logical objects I will hear them and respond accordingly.



2 Responses to “New time length for LD-Catchup prototypes”

  1. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    Good luck with your new plan! Also, you’ll probably be completely finished by the time I find a moment to start prototyping LD0. lol

  2. MrDude says:

    Tell ya what, if you can pull this off, I’m impressed.

    I don’t think anyone /objects/ thought. Some might think it’s /unnecessary/ but no one would /object/ per se.

    Ah well, best of luck to ya.

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