Improve or Move on, Your thoughts?

March 29th, 2011 1:36 pm

Would it be a better idea to do all the LD Catch-ups and just keep doing them until done (about a year and a half’s worth of work), or should I instead continue to work on a single game until it’s viable for release online?  I realize it means getting through all the LD themes in a much longer time span… say 5 years give or take.  (Let’s say I did one game every 3 months).  Would it be better to do 21+ complete games within 5-6 years, or 21+ prototypes in a year and a half?

What are your thoughts?


6 Responses to “Improve or Move on, Your thoughts?”

  1. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    I’ve been having the same thought. I’m thinking prototypes. (for now)

  2. stqn says:

    It depends on the reason why you want to make all those games, I guess. I’d say finish and polish only the best (most fun/promising/interesting) prototypes.

  3. jovoc says:

    do more, shorter projects.

    Then if one of them starts to get momentum of it’s own, if the prototype develops a following, go back to it and make a fleshed out version, other platforms, etc…

  4. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    My reason is essentially what everyone else has said.

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