Robot Wants Kitty now on iPhone!

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March 24th, 2011 2:46 pm

Robot Wants Kitty LD version


Robot Wants Kitty on iPhone

Robot Wants Kitty was my entry for LD16 – Exploration, a simple Metroidvania game shrunk down to LD proportions.  I made it in Flixel (Flash library), so just as an experiment, I thought I’d put it up on FGL and see if I could get any sponsors.  I first spent about a week enhancing it a bit (the big upgrade was music by DrPetter!).  Then the sponsor search exceeded my wildest expectations!  I got a decent deal, and a lot of interest, and (foolishly) signed up to do 2 sequels with the same sponsor.  With such a popular game, I could’ve done much better putting the sequels out for bidding individually.  I just didn’t have that faith in my game!  Remember kids, believe in yourself!  And knowing is half the battle!

You can play the post-LD version on Kongregate among many other places (like Hamumu!).  This all led inexorably to a pile more Flash games which made me a lot more money than I had been making in downloadables, so it was like a complete renaissance in the way I do business.  Everything’s different now!

Then eventually during my heady flash-making days, Raptisoft approached me about porting Robot Wants Kitty to the iPhone.  I was happy with that, but what I totally didn’t expect was that he was going to massively expand the game, as you see in the screenshot.  I expected a straight port, but what we’ve got is obviously totally upgraded visually, has six levels instead of one, and has a built-in level editor, with user level sharing to come soon.  It’s done awesome on iTunes in the week it’s been out, hitting New & Noteworthy in the Adventure category (not overall… yet), and so far garnering 21 five-star reviews, one 4-star, and three 1-star (people who couldn’t get it to run for whatever reason).  Go pick it up, the best $0.99 you’ll spend today!  I didn’t have much to do with creating it, other than making four of the levels and obviously the original concept.  Raptisoft really made something great out of it.

4 Responses to “Robot Wants Kitty now on iPhone!”

  1. jovoc says:

    Really a fantastic port. One of the most playable platformers on the iPhone (and I’ve played a lot of them). Great job and I hope it does well. The new levels are wonderfully brutal.

    I had no idea there was a built in level editor — that’s gonna be awesome when level sharing hits.

  2. Gornova says:

    Well done! Your game is a great game, nice to know you have success with it!

  3. bladgrim says:

    I remember playing this when it first came out on Kongregate. I had no idea that this was a Ludum Dare entry (didn’t know about the compo at the time). Great job with it!

  4. NitrousUK says:

    I’m guessing the inspiration for the artwork was the cartoon Dexters Laboratory?

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