Well here it is… the next screen.  This time with rocks!  And a demo


Demo here: http://www.gamesafoot.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/LD00.swf


Tomorrow I hope to add some sort of gameplay, I guess with time running out, I’m going to make it continually speed up and allow you to hit the rocks thereby restarting.  Or something like that.

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2 Responses to “Uhfgood’s LD Catch-up Screen 4, and demo swf.”

  1. Folis says:

    Great so far! But one thing: Are you supossed to go left when pressing right AND to go right when pressing left?

  2. Uhfgood says:

    Yes actually. Basically this is indirect interaction, I take that to mean you’re not directly controlling the raft, so instead you’re using the “clouds” to blow the “wind” to move the raft left and right, which means it moves opposite of the wind direction… I still have to fix the movement some though and add some indicators of what the clouds (those white boxes) are doing.

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