Uhfgood’s LD Catch-Up

March 20th, 2011 5:04 pm

Most of the time I don’t participate in LD’s because I’m usually busy on the weekend.  So I thought why don’t I have my own LD compo.  So I asked some of you how much time you spend on average… so it’s pretty common to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-35 hours of actual dev time.  (Dev time can include planning time).  So I thought how much time can I spare per day, and the answer comes back to me, 2 hours.  Okay so then I ask myself how long, and then answer comes right back to me, 3 weeks.  Actually this was through careful deliberation.  I figure about 30 hours is a good roundabout figure and something I could actually manage if I were to participate in an actual LD.  Of course this presumes using up most of my available time, and 2 good 8 hour sleeps.  I was thinking about also trying on weekends (but this was when I was going to do 2 weeks).  So here’s the plan:

I will go through each LD theme and build one game in about the same time as it takes to do an actual LD compo by spending 3 weeks per game, and 2 hours per night starting around 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm pacific time.  I will not be doing mini-ld’s at this time.  I will more or less follow the rules of LD.  By essentially making everything from scratch, except I will probably use a premade helper library.  I’ve decided I would do these games in flash so I can immediately put them onto IndieFlux in the games section.  Originally I wanted to use the lua-based LOVE engine but instead realized that flash may make it more readily accessible to people.  I’m thinking of actually porting it to LOVE later but we’ll see how this goes first.

And… that’s… it…

Thanks for your advice thus-far (those who I’ve talked to in #ludumdare).  I’m going to start tomorrow (Monday, March 21st, 2011) with the beta ld which was 24 hours, and thus I will do one week (about 10 hours, hope I can make something by then).  (Indirect interaction).  So see you then!


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6 Responses to “Uhfgood’s LD Catch-Up”

  1. Uhfgood says:

    Okay I guess I left out some things, like “Why are you doing this?”, “How long are you going to be doing this?”, “What is a Macguffin?”

    One reason is so i have some games to put on Indieflux, another is so I can actually finish some games, and another reason is because of the challenge I guess. Why should I let you guys have all the fun? :-)

    I’m going to do this for all the themes, at 3 weeks a game that’s going to take over a year. And then when I’m done maybe I’ll attempt the mini-ld’s. Should be fun. I will post progress reports on here, and even timelapse my dev.

  2. LegacyCrono says:

    Godspeed, man! :)
    Where are you hosting the games? A link would be nice, preferably with RSS so we can get updates automatically 😛

  3. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    I think this is a great idea. I think I might do it myself :)

  4. Uhfgood says:

    You’ll be able to see them on Indieflux http://indieflux.com/games/ — I don’t think I have an rss feed for the games page but you can still check it out. I will probably add an actual post when I’ve completed one.

  5. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    I would like to try this myself (with more lenient times, etc…). Do you mind that I’m joining you?

  6. Uhfgood says:

    I don’t mind at all. Who knows maybe we’ll start a new thing and have others join us as well.

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