A New Game Project – Fur and Steel

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March 20th, 2011 1:08 am

In another effort of “Tell them all about to keep me from quitting” I want to tell you all about my current game project: Fur and Steel.

For those who are curious and/or enjoy reading other peoples’ game ideas, a description of the game, as well as my goals for it for today come after the break.

Fur and Steel will be a turn-based tactical game much like X-Com, where individual soldiers fight in close quarters to accomplish specific missions.

I have chosen a furry motif where each of the four factions are of a different species. I will also try to come up with an “alien” species that will fill a similar role to Black Hole in the Advance Wars series. I’m not as sure about that one, though.

The game will feature several kinds of unit, a fair number of weapons, and some miscellaneous equipment to choose from. It will also include support for multiple campaigns, a map/campaign editor, and eventually (Assuming I follow through long enough to afford a server) multiplayer.

For today, I hope to get as far as possible toward a working prototype. I hope to have some kind of unit moving around in some kind of terrain. Anything beyond that is a lot to hope for.

Even weapons and combat will likely have to wait until tomorrow. Even then, because I have classes tomorrow through this Thursday, it might take a while longer than that. Not really sure.

Anyway, I’ve got high hopes for this.


— Mr. Dude

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  1. RandomizeR says:

    Sounds nice. What are your tools, platform, etc..?

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