Dear Sir or Madam, should you be daring enough to risk your health and sanity in electronic challenges and should you be resourceful enough to find another soul similarly inclined and should you have a taste for electronic game programs of the bizarrer varieties and, God help you, should you be willing and able to overlook the abysmal quality of such a diversion, then please direct your browsedevice to the pagesite found at the address of Internet.  The brave souls who venture there will find themselves transformed through the magic of Flash into nature’s grandest creatures, the elephants! Thus transformed, these titans will struggle against one another in combat most deadly.

Are you prepared to risk the Bouncing Scorpion of Alexander the Great and King Solomon’s Cursed Wandering Fruit to win honor and glory in The Worst Game I Have Made in Some Time?

The competition entry page can be found here.

One Response to “Pushy Elephant: A Diversion for a Pair of Brave Persons Constructed for Miniature Ludum Dare One Score and Five Playable on Information Super Driveway Browsermachines”

  1. fishbrain says:

    haha!… cool! nice elephant music too

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