Mini-LD #25

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March 5th, 2011 5:50 am

It’s about that time, folks. It’s time not only for a Mini-LD, but a Mini-LD hosted by none other than #ld’s resident moody grump, ME!!

This isn’t going to have a complex theme system, nor a weird “meta” theme. It’s pretty straightforward, actually.

The theme for Mini-LD #25 is…

The Worst Game I Have Ever Made

The objective here is to make the biggest godawful train wreck of a game that you possibly can. Crappy pixel art (Or worse, clip art), nightmarish level design, and a complete lack of cogency are ideal for this challenge.

Mini-LD #25 begins at 12AM UTC on March 12, and ends at 12AM UTC on March 14.


Here is the keynote for this Mini-LD, delivered by former president George W. Bush. (Yes, a keynote for a Mini-LD! I’m fancy like that.) (Edit: Thanks PoV!)

55 Responses to “Mini-LD #25”

  1. Elegwa says:

    7PM EST On March 11th – 7PM EST On March 13th I think that’s the conversion is anyone needs it. Going to have to think long and hard on this contest, very interesting theme to say the least.

  2. Very funny idea.
    I would not be surprised if some people create some masterpieces in the “so-bad-that-its-good” style.
    Cool concept!

  3. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    I love it. I just hope I get a chance to participate (and this time finish).

  4. alfredofreak says:

    I find it interesting how this might actually be harder to accomplish than I think. xD

    Assuming school cooperates, I’ll try to give it a shot. I even have some crappy loops to use for background music ad infinitum. 😀

  5. 31eee384 says:

    Neat! Probably a platformer for me, considering I spend a lot of time on that engine last minild and never got the chance to use it for the forces of good.

    Probably going to do this early, or after the weekend. Been wanting to ski for a few weekends now, so I’m not putting it off again. 😛

    This is going to be great! Oh, wait, no, it’s going to be awful! 😀

  6. lingmops says:

    What a fun idea! I think this is going to be quite difficult to do.

  7. uncade says:

    I absolutely love this theme!
    Definitely gotta make something for it, it’s gonna be HORRENDOUS :)

  8. Nugsy says:

    So basically, we have to make another new Sonic game?

    • MrDude says:

      Heheheh! Not the kind of bad I was thinking of, but that’ll work!

      I was thinking of “crappy graphics, half-broken gameplay” rather than “dull and uninteresting”.

      Still, if you want to make something that’s simply incredibly un-fun, that’s perfectly valid. :)

  9. Perhaps this is an appropriate time to revisit my stick-figure/programmer art eroge idea…

  10. sgargolinski says:

    Any specific rules? Same as the normal LDs?

  11. MrDude says:

    Same as the normal LDs, yes. Little more relaxed about submission time, but that’s the only major difference.

    If there were special rules, they’d have been in the post. 😉

  12. eli says:

    You know, this is really a positive thing. It reminds me of a personal story. Please bear with me for a moment.

    A while ago, I performed the Creativity-Enabling Software Installation ritual. You may have experienced it. The ritual goes roughly as follows:

    1. First, the magical incantation is uttered: “I sure could make some cool XYZ media, if only I had the latest version of Popular XYZ-Creating Software installed.”
    2. A frantic search for the tool commences [no details necessary].
    3. The tool is procured. The tool is installed. The tool is invoked on a computer machine console.

    *** And here is the crucial and fateful step: ***

    4. The *demo project* is rendered/built/run/played/launched.

    Yes, the entire ritual is wrong and horrible. I hate myself each time I fall for it. But that final step, that is the killer. As soon as that demo starts going, every ounce of ability, of desire to create, is sapped from my fingertips. My momentum is crushed. My body slumps down into the chair.

    Obviously, the problem lies in the way the programs were built (it couldn’t possibly be MY fault, could it?). The creators are extremely proud of how such beautiful things can be made with their tool, so they are showcased as “demo” projects. But the demo projects are so good! They are hard to top!

    So, I decided to make a stand.

    Behold: the demo song that is so bad, you MUST make something better immediately!

    I suggest we do the same with everything else too: graphics programs, game-making programs, and of course, GAMES THEMSELVES!

    Hence, this is a great competition, and I wish everyone the best of luck. Depending on my workload this weekend, I may even join in!!

    • MrDude says:

      That is a ritual I am familiar with, yes, but with engines not creation tools.

      I walked into Ogre/Panda3D/Irrlicht/Pygame/Flixel/Flashpunk thinking that I would make a gorgeous game with it, and wound up losing interest because it became much harder than I thought it would be.

      For this Mini-LD, I pledge to use a difficult engine to make a game that defiles the very nature of it.

      You’ve inspired me. :)

    • emjas says:

      Eli, that song isn’t bad at all, haha. The 2nd half especially. It actually sounds like an Aphex Twin or Squarepusher song 😀

  13. dertom says:

    When I first saw the theme I was not that happy about, but it was ok, cause I won’t have time anyway. But second for second I enjoyed the thought of that concept more and more and now the consequence is to work even harder on my alpha release that I can participate this weekend! Cool, doing what I can best “Creating WORST-GAMES” 😀 Oleole!

  14. fishbrain says:

    This an interesting challenge, and once that actually sounds very difficult… but fun too :) I’ll be up for it!
    Can’t wait to see the submissions for this MiniLD.

  15. madeinpda says:


    My MiniLD #24 entry fits perfectly on MiniLD #25



    Could I craft something worse than “A fisherman and his twisted reflection” ?????

    You can bet!

  16. snowyowl says:

    Damn. I’m torn between making the game I would have made 6 years ago when I first started programming, or using my newfound knowledge to make a game which is a broken attempt at one of my current games.

    And do I deliberately put in annoying glitches or take them out so as not to detract from the terrible graphics and absurd level design?

    Oh man, I’m going to have so much fun making this game even if you guys hate playing it.

  17. toadfrogs says:

    Hey, that’s a good idea.
    I’m ready to make my “Worst game ever” 😀

  18. NiallM says:

    Ooh, I like this idea. Might join in myself :)

  19. So what qualifies as bad with regard to this competition?

    Would it be acceptable if the gameplay were more or less tolerable, but every time you shot at an enemy and missed, it would, say, ‘accidentally’ leak a bullet data structure? Or does the game have to be technically correct, but unfair and/or poorly drawn?

    If ‘worst’ is allowed to apply to coding practices, too, I have some ~ahem~ tricks up my sleeve…

    • MrDude says:

      Erm… Memory leaks are maybe a bit too much. I’m thinking about bad gameplay and/or graphics. The game being technically broken in ways that don’t affect gameplay much (At least directly) isn’t really what I was looking for…

      • Got it, the game itself has to be bad, but not necessarily the code.

        That said, I think I might do something like this all the way through:

        #include /*__________o_________o_____o_o_____ _______o______o___o ______o o__o __o____*/
        #define _____o /*______ ____o____ o_____o___o_ _o__o________o___________o_________________*/ BITMAP*
        #define _o____(o) /*_______for(____ o______ __o_ ___o__ _o____o__ _____________________*/ if(key[o])
        #define o____o /*___o __ __o____o ___o o______o o___o o______ ____________o________ */ create_bitmap
        #define oo____ /* o o________o _____o ___o_____o*/ 256 /*o__o set_gfx_mode(o_o); oo __ o__o ____o_*/
        #define _o_o_o /*___o_____ o____o__ ______ ___o _____ _oo___ o___o o_____ o___*/while/*___o__o o__*/
        #define oooo__oo /*__o __ _____o_ __o _oo_o __o___ o____o*/set_color_depth(oo____>>5);/*____o o____*/

        int main(void){allegro_init();install_keyboard();oooo__oo set_gfx_mode(GFX_AUTODETECT_WINDOWED,
        oo____,oo____,0,0);_____o ooo_____=o____o(oo____,oo____);int _______=0,____=0,_o=oo____;_o_o_o(!key[
        * _o_*/destroy_bitmap(ooo_____);/*_o_*/}END_OF_MAIN()/*__________o______oo_o __o___ o____o*/

        (yes, it does compile)

  20. levex says:

    My first miniLD and programming compo. Hope to finish a bad game 😀

  21. My first miniLD alone, last one I worked with @legacycrono

    Let’s see if I can finish at least a bad game by my own! 8B

    One hour’n’half for start now!

  22. madeinpda says:

    HAHAHAHA super skill jump!!!!

    good one

    I don’t know what to do……

    I have a pair of ideas but I’m afraid them could become fun to play…. and that’s not the point


    I will think about a joke game also.

  23. MisfitBYTE says:

    How flexible is the deadline? I have a really bad idea with poor execution probable, but can’t start half-assing it till Monday. _Enter Another Lame ‘Bad’ Pun Here_.

  24. Elijah says:

    I’ve started work on my submission. It’s already shaping up to be… A thing.

  25. ThatSnail says:

    I’m making an extremely racist game, would that be fine? I’d assume that fits the theme well enough.

    • I’d humbly suggest you don’t bother. It is uncool to be racist and the humour never comes out funny enough. Why not make an extremely violent game instead?

      • ThatSnail says:

        It’s not really racist humour; there’s going to be a “send hate mail” button directly below the “Play” button. Basically making fun of everyone who’d be offended by racism, rather than the ethnicities themselves. But I’m afraid too many people will let that fly over their heads and just hate on the racism on it.

    • sf17k says:

      The fact that you have to ask doesn’t make me confident that it’ll be done in good taste. Do it anyway.

  26. Mikhail Rudoy says:

    I finally finished. Wow, that was an intense first (finished) miniLD. :)

    Here it is:

    Its funny because right after I finished I noticed the suggestion to make a game extremely violent ^^^ and thought “hey, thats what I did.”

  27. Atomic says:

    Got a hideous idea, I hope I’ll have time to do it tomorrow and submit before it’s too late!

    Are (jailbroken) iPhone games allowed?

  28. eli says:

    First mini I ever did =)
    Thanks a million, MrDude. One of the most inspiring themes I’ve seen.
    If we could just be unafraid to make bad games, we might make a lot more good ones.

    So here is my worst game. If I can just purge my system of these monstrosities… anyway, here it is:
    I’m not sure it’s possible to beat level 8.

  29. MisfitBYTE says:

    I’ve completed my game but will take a day or two to upload.
    I blogged my “progress.”

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