Roller Derby 20XX – Post Compo Release

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February 22nd, 2011 11:09 am

Roller-Derby 20XX: Mega Islands of Awesome (my April 2010 Ludum Dare entry) has been rebuilt from the ground up, sponsored and released under a shorter title “Roller Derby 20XX”.

Play via Kongregate (English Leaderboards)
Play via MiniJuegos (Primary Sponsor) in “HD”

I always intended to revisit this game post-compo but it took many months before I actually did anything about it. The talented musical stylings of Amon26 and exquisite pixel-artistry of Paul Veer made the game come to life. As for me, I rewrote a lot of the code and tweaked the controls significantly from the original release.

Actually going through the process of releasing a game, finding sponsorship and distribution was hugely rewarding. I learned so much that will put me in a stronger position if I decide to do another sponsored Flash game. Financially, Roller Derby 20XX was a break-even proposition. I was able to pay the artists and FGL’s 10% cut. Which is fine. The experience was far more valuable to me than any monetary gains.

Ludum Dare has been a life-changer for me. I don’t have much free time and I’m not disciplined enough to spend an hour or two on game development every day. But I can free up a weekend and know that I will have something prototyped after 48hrs. Sometimes these prototypes are worth expanding on.

I recommend to anyone: take one of your compo entries, polish it up and throw it up on Flash Game License. Just experience what it’s like to go through that process.

Total investment in Roller Derby 20XX: About 150 hours. Value gained from the experience? Priceless.

4 Responses to “Roller Derby 20XX – Post Compo Release”

  1. dock says:

    Really fantastic to see this ‘all grown up’ ! 😀 Congratulations!

  2. Jonny D says:

    I think I’ll take your advice. Does FGL like C++ games? 😛
    Seriously, though, great job on this! There was something about the original that made me think you could pull it off.

  3. Nugsy says:

    Ridiculously addictive. I’ve been playing it for about an hour now, and i’m not ready to stop!

  4. roller says:

    Thank you for this game. I enjoy playing :)

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