Bunny, Chicken, Dinosaur!

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February 12th, 2011 8:29 am

Bunny, Chicken, Dinosaur! stars a bunny, a chicken and a dinosaur escaping to a place where their unorthodox love will be accepted.

So far I’ve gotten around to drawing sprites for the main characters. I’m thinking of relaxing the two colour restriction a little to allow two colours per layer, depending on how things look.

Bunny, Chicken, Dinosaur!

The next step is to get some backgrounds drawn and plan how they will be represented in game. I’m hoping to get as much planning as possible done before I start coding, due to the 3 hour rule. The code will pick up various settings from external data to allow tweaking of visuals and gameplay after the the 3 hours for coding is up. I will post some notes from the planning stage once I’m ready to start coding.

3 Responses to “Bunny, Chicken, Dinosaur!”

  1. rik says:

    good luck! Two colours is hard. Maybe give them outlines?

  2. moop says:

    Cheers. I think I will give them outlines if I stick strictly to the two colour rule. I quite like the look one colour per layer gives but I will probably put it on a flag so it can be tweaked fairly easily if I change my mind.

  3. fishbrain says:

    nice sprites!… lol, A+ for the concept… I’m intrigued

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