Mini-LD #24 – The First Night

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February 11th, 2011 7:55 pm

As per usual, I’m going to stay up through the first night. I hope to have something playable by morning.

After trying to work with DAME, I found that it is actually quite a pain to work with if you need, say, more than one set of sprites for a single sprite class. (For example, if you have a player character that could be of multiple classes and races as well as either gender)

Given that, I’m switching back to Tiled. It’s less fancy, but it’ll let me get the job done. Besides, I can write a TMX (“TMX” being the map format Tiled uses) parser very easily, or even retrofit one that I’ve already written to deal with this game’s data. DAME has a Flashpunk exporter, but it appears very inflexible to me.

So, here’s where I stand theme-wise:

Theme: Alternate universe spin-off (Sci-fi Dragon Warrior spin-off)

Limitations: None

Rules: Software you’ve never used before (Gimp – never in a completed game, Flashpunk tweens – not a software package, but a feature I’ve never used before)

Granted, the second “software I’ve never used” is just a “library feature I’ve never used”, but that isn’t a huge deal, I don’t think.

That being said, every time I have tried to use tweens in Flashpunk, I’ve not gotten anything happening. (As in, I apply the Tween to an Entity, and nothing happens) Any tutorials or examples folks here could point me to would be appreciated. :)


— Mr. Dude

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