Quench: Ludum Dare mini #23

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January 23rd, 2011 10:13 pm

Well, this is my “entry” for Ludum Dare mini hosted by JohnnyD.  (Thanks!)

Since it’s not obvious, let me explain:  You are a time traveler from the far future.  Unfortunately, in the future, booze has been eliminated as an unnecessary vice from society.  Desperate for something to wet your whistle, you use the company’s time machine to bar hop in an inconspicuous manner.

So you travel back to 1925, where Prohibition is in the full swing and it’s expected to find shady characters who don’t like to share their past visiting the local secret speak-easy.  It also makes it harder for the time cops to sniff out where you’ve been.

Sadly, you have no money, only what pittance salary you can get from the Time Institute as part of your job.  Fortunately, casual telekinetic powers are common in the future, so you can nick drinks away to soothe your frazzled nerves.

tl;dr:  Use the hand cursor and mouse button to pick up drinks with your telekinetic powers and deliver them to your table.  Be careful, as jostling the drinks will spill alcohol.  Don’t let your sobriety meter fill up, or it’s game over*.

(*Or not, as this was never implemented.)

How does the spring physics enter into the game?  Well, when you pick up the beers, they are suspended from your floaty mental hand by a simple spring. :)


5 Responses to “Quench: Ludum Dare mini #23”

  1. quin says:

    ratking, look in the top right of the entry.

  2. ratking says:

    Oh. My C64 is dead since a long time. :-(

  3. sfernald says:

    This is one strange game. That said I played for quite a while!

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