I’ve decided that I want to enjoy the weekend more than I want to do a super-ambitious game. So with that being said I’m scaling back my idea.

I’ve settled on the following:

The soviet union has released a virus into the wilderness around Flint, Michigan that has turned hundreds of people into zombies. The player is a commando in the Michigan Militia, which has been contracted by the local authorities to deal with the monsters.

The player will fight through a series of “sectors” each of which has a given number of zombies. When the player has killed all of the zombies, they can move to the next area.

In each area, the player will have two weapons, one main weapon and their pistol. The main weapon will be chosen before the player enters each sector, and can be either:

  • An assault rifle
  • A shotgun
  • A high-powered rifle

And you keep fighting and fighting, and eventually the zombies kill you and you presumably become one of them. There you go.

That’s the extent of my game for the Mini-LD. I can easily have this done by the deadline. 😀


— Mr. Dude

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