No year yet – Progress video and screens

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January 22nd, 2011 11:09 am

So, im not even sure what i was doing with this,

I implemented all my gameplay features FIRST this time, and then made a mockup (above). You can open in a new tab to see full size, i dont know how to link images without it failing on this blog :)

The concept

You control the world, not the ‘character’. The character will move automatically and you need to use the platforms, selected with the blue bar, to get him to his goals.

The video

Here is a progress video of the gameplay working but its really no fun, going to redo/rethink it entirely if need be.

Comments and ideas welcome!


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  1. Felipe Budinich says:

    Wow mate, that’s awesome!

    It reminds pinball tables. maybe you could use paddles in some places.

    You could name it 1947 (that’s the year that the first pinball machine with flippers was invented)

    • FuzzYspo0N says:

      In fact i had thought of that for a while, i am thinking about reverting to an older game idea i had when i was younger, making it more of a defrag style game (see quake3 mod defrag

      As its much faster paced, and based on time. Somehow i went horizontal with my idea, and lost my original idea along the way. I think i am back on the right track again!

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