I’ve decided that my current idea would really work best with proper vector graphics, which I don’t have the ability to create. I have Inkscape, but I can only use those images in Flash as bitmaps. I need to be able to use images as vector within the Flash app.

That being said, I’m thinking that I’ll do something else.

I have a few different ideas to choose from, but I’ll wait until the theme is announced to decide anything concrete.

Thoughts and ramblings follow the break.

I definitely want to do an arena shooter, provided that the theme and sub-theme provide for that.

If “Text Input in an Action Game” wins, I might give the shooter some kind of text-controlled component, such as a funky weapon upgrade screen.

If “Kittens” or “Dogs aren’t Man’s Best Friend After All” win, then it doesn’t make much difference. Either way, there will likely be kittens fighting puppies.

Zombies would be an interesting theme. I would probably find some way to do that that would be unusual. Perhaps zombie robots. Don’t really know.

“Giga Pudding”. That would be a tricky one to pull off. I’ve got nothing for that.

“Title of Your Game Must be a Year” is really easy. Too easy, and I don’t know that I want it to win.

“Graph Theory” would result in an odd upgrade system, and possibly evolving baddies that follow structures involving “nodes” and “edges”. Possibly also weird movement, but that’s unlikely.

I’m actually kind of liking “Pigmen” this time. Killing hordes of pigs and using the pork to buy upgrades and weapons sound pretty fun.

“Double Zombie Rambo” would be a tough one. I’d really like to use Kongregate’s multiplayer features, but that’s more of a long-term idea.

Either of the two “Seasons” themes would be a good place to use damage types with baddies. I would probably handle both the same way, honestly.

“After the Credits Roll” would be a good plot theme, especially for ideas where the enemies shouldn’t be an immediate threat to the world.

“Action Movie” would be great for a top-down shooter, especially with zombies and/or aliens as the baddies. It would also make huge guns a good idea.

I’m really wanting to do a furry game. I haven’t done one in quite a while, and would be fun for me to do. I’m not sure of the specifics there, though.

That all being said, I’m looking forward to this one. (Am I ever not looking forward to Mini-LD?)


— Mr. Dude

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