The LD Video Project (January Update)

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January 15th, 2011 12:45 am

It’s late, so I’ll be sending the e-mail’s tomorrow. I’ll update this post once I’ve contacted everyone.

E-mail’s sent. 17 18 of the 60+ timelapse videos were chosen. See the comments for the list. Here is the e-mail that was sent:


You are receiving this e-mail because you recently participated in Ludum Dare 19, and made a timelapse video we liked.

For the impending 10 year anniversary of Ludum Dare (2012), Phil and I have been discussing a number of ideas for things we should do. Some of them include showcasing great timelapse videos by members of the community (and the games that accompanied them), which is where you come in. Some uses of these videos may include:

– As an example “timelapse video” during a conference talk
– “Ludum Dare Theater” Exhibit, timelapse videos on a TV at an Expo
– Ludum Dare “Exhibit in a Box” DVD

Again, this isn’t a confirmation that your video will be included, nor that the above projects will happen, but your video is up for serious consideration. To be included in one of our video projects, we need a few things from you:

– Your permission to use the video for anything (SEE DVD NOTES)
– Your name (or specifically, how you take credit)
– Your handle (your name on the LD site or elsewhere)
– Your website
– Whether it’s okay to credit you by your name(s)
– Name and license status of your chosen music (if you know)
– A high quality export of your Youtube Video (SEE BELOW)
– A high quality gameplay video (ONLY if not already edited on to the end)

In the case of the DVD idea, understand that WE ARE asking for your permission to potentially profit from your video WITHOUT any license fee or compensation. We recently decided to stop doing “donations for links”, due to the abuse of a few too many 3rd parties donating for the sake of cheap SEO back-links (Paypal refunds aren’t free). So one of my wild ideas was to produce and sell our “Ludum Dare Theater” exhibit reel on DVD, plus a bit to help us cover our costs. That way you get something, and we get the money to cover hosting, etc. Donations may return but without the link arrangement (just our gratitude). We’ll continue to honor the existing donors links for a while (especially you high donors), but may reorganize the page in the future.

How to send me video:

– SEND A LINK, NOT A FILE IN E-MAIL! (If you need space, try DropBox)
– Under 500 MB please!
– DON’T SEND RAW! Use a modern codec like H.264, DivX or XVid with the bitrate set extremely high.
– If you must, you can send lossless. I use Lagarith myself.
– .avi, .mp4 and .m4v containers are preferred (but I can probably convert whatever).

How I will use the video:

– Videos will be fitted to 720p (1280×720 30fps), upscaled and black barred if necessary.
– Your gameplay video will be placed immediately after your timelapse, showing the results of your effort.
– Videos will be faded in (from black), and faded out (to black), unless it already has fades included.
– Each of the videos will be placed back-to-back in the playlist.

Tips, if you want to tweak your video:

– Take Credit! Introduce the event (eg. Ludum Dare 19), the theme (eg. Discovery), as well as you and your entries names (eg. The Discoverizer by Mike “PoV” Kasprzak).
– Show your timelapse!
– Note that the videos will be seen by casually passing expo attendees on a TV. That means they may not see the beginning or end of your video.
– A countdown clock would help onlookers know what’s going on (if appropriate/possible)
– Showing a URL or “good Google search term” at all times might be a good idea if you want to be remembered. Be tasteful. 😉
– Show gameplay footage! Something short. Keep it under 2 minutes, less is best.
– In-game-only sound is preferred for gameplay footage (if there is sound)
– Statistics can be fun, if you have any to share.
– Take Credit Again! We just saw your gameplay video, so how can I find you or your game?
– Add the fade in and fade out (so I don’t have to do anything :D)

I think that covers everything. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Please get back to me as soon as possible, even if your video files aren’t ready. I’d like to have all the files by next weekend (Sunday January 23rd), but if you need more time just let me know.


If you didn’t receive an e-mail, don’t fret! There were more than 60 timelapse videos created during Ludum Dare 19, and some especially stood out so we’ve used them as the baseline. I’ll post a list once I’m a little more organized. You still have 3 more chances in 2011 (plus MiniLD’s) to make it on the DVD, or be part of our 2011 exhibit reel.

During 2011 we may have the opportunity to exhibit early. We’ll let you know.

Also! If you made an especially extravagant timelapse video in a prior LD, and can meet all my criteria above, post a comment here with a Youtube link, as I may ask for a few more. If you have a great post-compo version you’d like to promote (iPhone port?), feel free to mention that (perhaps a “before” and “after” in your gameplay section).

Like everything LD, if this video thing turns out to be a good idea, we’ll probably do it again.


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  1. mitchelltr says:

    Aww. No love for the Jam videos? I like to think ours would have made it.

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