Time to vote for a theme! MiniLD 23 On Its Way!!

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January 10th, 2011 8:14 pm

Hosted by yours truly, Jonny D…  MiniLD 23 will be a good time (see below).

MiniLD 23 will begin at 9pm EST (2am UTC) on Friday, January 21st (moved up from the 28th due to conflict with Global Game Jam).  It will end at the same time on Sunday, January 23rd.

MiniLD 23 begins [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”Fri, 21 Jan 2011 19:00:00 -700″]

Until then, you can vote on the main theme.  There will be a sub theme announced as well when the mini compo starts.  There will be either an immense amount of groaning or excitement, since your choices for the main theme are taken from LD 19’s Round 3 list.

That’s right! Vote here!! And like the monkey said at the fruit playoffs: Go bananas!


43 Responses to “Time to vote for a theme! MiniLD 23 On Its Way!!”

  1. LegacyCrono says:

    Holy kittens, it’s LD Round 3 all over again!

  2. Devenger says:

    Having to make a game around Graph Theory actually sounds like an excellent challenge. Sadly, I’ve almost no hope of getting a whole weekend freed up to make a game.

  3. dertom says:

    Argh,…you know that global game jam is at the same weekend?!

  4. pekuja says:

    What dertom said. The choice of date is really unfortunate here. Maybe the weekend before that? I imagine you had some reason to choose that weekend though, but I think you’ll lose many participants to GGJ.

  5. ACodeGerm says:

    Either up a week or back a week would be preferable, I’d love to do the mini-LD but the GGJ wins out.

  6. Any date works for me, GGJ is too far away for me to get to and I never get Saturdays off anyway :)

  7. Codexus says:

    I might do it if kittens win 😉

    Other than that the date is fine for me. How many people are really doing this GGJ anyway? It might not be that many, since a lot of us live quite far from where those events are held.

  8. edg3 says:

    What are the Mini LD rules? Are they just the same as the normal LD? I’m thinking of juggling GGJ and the Mini LD…

    • Jonny D says:

      The rules for this one are just like the normal LD, but it should be a little less strict than the LD rules (go ahead and work with someone and don’t sweat a little extra time). There are two themes: the main one we’re voting on, and a subtheme which will be revealed when the voting ends.

  9. Flawe says:

    I was wondering about the mini LD rules too. I know they used to be on the wiki but that’s moved and I can’t find them anymore. Any ideas?

    • jovoc says:

      Pretty much the same as the regular rules (solo, all assets created by you during the weekend) but the deadline is much less strict, you usually have an extra day or two to finish up. Also, that month’s organizer is free to adjust the rules and allow teams or something if they want. And a lot of people (myself included) treat the mini-LD’s as more of a game jam, so feel free to do something different.

      Also, there is usually a special rule or theme decided by the organizer, which can range from just a general theme to a very specific requirement. For example, all games must use the same color scheme, or all games must use a 16-color image as their level format (thus levels can be mixed up between games) etc..

      The rules are still buried somewhere in the spam-plagued wiki:

    • Jonny D says:

      Like jovoc says. See my comment above for another wording.

  10. dertom says:

    As you ask: If you move the miniLD the weekend before I would be in! Actually you already set a counter or so and other people might see it as fixed so maybe you should just leave it as it is. On the other hand if it would be a week earlier it would be a good test to see if you are well perpared for ggj 😀 It’s your call!

  11. gnat says:

    I would vote to move it the weekend after or before.

  12. Jonny D says:

    That seems like enough of a preference for me. It will be moved earlier by a week to Friday, January 21st. Thanks for letting me know what you’re thinking, guys!

  13. I think I’m in for this one.

  14. Kenny G says:

    I’m in. LD19 was in the middle of finals so I had to drop out, and classes are just starting so I shouldn’t have much work to do this weekend.

  15. JohnColburn says:

    Assuming nothing comes up, pretty sure I’ll be in this time around. Totally gonna make a web game this time ^^.

  16. pdistefano says:

    Oh yeah, this is gonna be my first LD. Any quick tips for a beginner? :)

  17. Mr. Wonko says:

    Oh, at the old date I would not have had school on the following monday, which would have given me some extra time… Still looking forward to it. First LD for me. Checking out that LD survival guide postet by Jonny D.

  18. GreaseMonkey says:

    8) Energy drinks suck – drink water instead.

  19. Nice guides, wish I would have read one before the LD19. Oh well, heres one more appendment to LegacyChrono’s list.

    9) SLEEP, no seriously you will need SLEEP.

    That point really can’t be stressed enough.

  20. pdistefano says:

    Wow guys, thanks for all the tips! I was contemplating not sleeping, but I guess I won’t 😉

    I was wondering : what do you use for timelapse videos? how often, and when do you post on the LD blog, during development?

    Thanks again, all your replies kick ass.

  21. hidas says:

    This will be my first Ludum Dare contest also.
    In fact it will be my first game competition.
    I can’t wait for it to start.

  22. 31eee384 says:

    Oh no! I just remembered that I have to go out of state for a college interview over the new announced weekend. No way I’ll be able to do this miniLD.

    Was looking forward to it too… oh well, have fun everyone!

  23. MrDude says:

    I will definitely be in this one. Kind of. Well, I’ll probably be working on a game anyway, and I’ll consider it an “entry”.


    It’s just a Mini-LD, after all.

  24. @pdistefano

    For timelapse videos check out ChronoLapse, code.google.com/p/chronolapse/ As for posting on the blog, use it like you would a regular blog. Post when you start, when you reach a milestone, if you have a major screw-up, when the game is completed, and try to write a post-mortem. The post-mortem will definetly help you learn from your mistakes, and I want to wish you good luck in the competition.

    //Digital Maniac

  25. pdistefano says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Good luck to everyone who’s participating :)

  26. MrDude says:

    Okay, I’ve got some ideas for the voted-on theme. I somehow mind these a lot less than I did when they were the 3rd round of themes for LD19.

    There are a couple that really throw me, and I probably won’t enter if one of those wins, but most of them actually give me some ideas. (Some others already kind of fit my idea, or at the very least it’d be a tiny change to make it fit)

    The sub-theme scares me a little. I know I’ll find out in a few hours, but it still makes me nervous.

    Ah well, that the nature of it, I suppose. :)

  27. sharbelfs says:

    This is going to be my first LD. Nice to see others beginners like me.

    Good Luck everyone…

  28. blackhawk77g says:

    Same. Its going to be my first LD. Cant wait..
    Gl to everyone participating.

  29. Devenger says:

    I can’t handle the suspense!

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