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January 10th, 2011 10:49 pm

I’m mildly baffled at the audio ratings my game recieved.

[ – – 5  3 2 – – 4 – 1 1 – 2 2 1 – 2 1- -]

First off, look at all those dashes. My game certainly had audible sound, and my game being made in game-maker, I see no reason for it not to work. I do however appreciate the amount of dashes I got versus the amount of ones, Protip: make sure those headphones are plugged in.
Although I may be biased, my audio certainly deserved more than a one.  This makes me mildly angry because those ones are mostly either
A) I’m on mac/linux and I’m jelly because I can’t play it but I’ll vote anyways, I’ll just give audio 1/5
B) I don’t hear audio, has nothing to do with the fact my volume is turned down. I’m in a bad mood so I’ll rate 1/5 instead of n/a
C) the game only has one song and one sfx, I am completely ignoring the fact that the game really doesn’t need any more than that and rating 1/5 because there aren’t 50 songs and/or they’re not chip-tunes and all pixel art games need chip tunes

I also got a lot of dashes for community, which is almost more gobsmacking. Remember people, there is a handy button for viewing the person’s journal

The humor category also bit me hard, as I didn’t make a funny game. Which make memad at the category, as I’m sure I’ve said before, giving a game props for being funny is great, but we shouldn’t be forced into making a funny game, and we shouldn’t turn a cold shoulder to more serious or neutral games in the process.

Anyways, </rant>, I think I’m just disappointed because I got 95% praise in the comments, and then I get on the computer today to see this. I’d really appreciate it if people commented for reasons other than to congratulate as well. Being told your game is great is good and all, but nowhere near as helpful as some good ‘ole constructive criticism. A few people commented that the game was “missing something to make me really enjoy it” and it frustrated me that they offered no solutions (as in, I had to sit around for a week and figure it out myself).

I’m really happy with the game I made, but this puts a bit of a damper on my desire to work on it more.

also whoever rated 2/5 for graphics. . . just . . .

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  1. Devenger says:

    I’m sure a lot of people feel there’s some injustice with the ratings they’ve received (lines of 1s, etc.); perhaps it’s best to take the whole ratings thing with a pinch of salt. Fair shout on the wanting more constructive criticism front, though.

  2. jolle says:

    I rated a lot of games with audio as N/A (or dash, as you put it) because I didn’t have access to audio when testing them. However, this doesn’t count towards the average audio score so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    But like you say, I’ve earlier seen some very strange ratings. Like 5 in audio when I didn’t have any and so on. I’m guessing there’s some non-regulars that just take a look at the screenshot and rate whatever without testing.

  3. dertom says:

    I think the most important is the last line you wrote:
    “I’m really happy with the game I made,…” That is all that counts try to ignore the rest.
    You shouldn’t let any negative feelings to you from the votings with knowing that only ignorant people seemed to have voted on your game. 😉 Go on improving it!

  4. Toeofdoom says:

    Note: I haven’t actually played your game and didn’t rate it, so I’ll try to check back in the morning if I remember and see what I actually think.
    My best guess for the graphics is simply that someone really didn’t like the style. But for audio, I have given at least one 1 in the past simply because the audio got really annoying? I put quite a few hours into recording a track myself and ended up with a 2 because it didn’t fit the game at all and kinda sucked.

    • moltanem2000 says:

      I doubt that was the case, but that’s an excellent point anyways, I’ve played way too many games where the audio made me quite because it was so repetitive.

  5. GreaseMonkey says:

    “…and my game being made in game-maker, I see no reason for it not to work.”

    Not everyone uses Windows. Also, until somewhat recently, Game Maker games were an absolute pain in the arse to get running using Wine. They work MUCH better nowadays, trust me – unfortunately, music doesn’t seem to loop properly, and in the case of your game it doesn’t play at all (MIDI, perhaps?). This would be an N/A rating.

    BUT, if the game doesn’t run, don’t vote.

    Speaking of constructive criticism, I’m all for it. Have a look at some of my comments for THIS LD (*not* LD18, some of those feature me yelling at people for using Flixel which IMHO is taking something wrong and using it wrong). I give a breakdown for each category. Also if a game sucks, I think the phrase “Sorry, but you flopped this time” is just a little bit nicer than “sorry but this game sucks”. Perhaps a textbox for each voting category, and a big “don’t forget that you can mark a field as N/A if it doesn’t have it” sign?

    • moltanem2000 says:

      Odd, I should ask my friend who has a mac to test it out with Wine next time. Not much I can do about making it work if it doesn’t, but atleast I’d be able to forewarn people.

      A text box per category would rock my socks, especially since different people rate differently. It might be a little hard to display, but I definitely agree.

  6. machinas says:


    oppositely, i placed ‘not last’ in audio with no audio whatsoever.

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