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December 30th, 2010 9:54 am

Hey everyone, hope Xmas and New Years is going well. I’ve got a great idea for a future challenge if you want something to during the January blues. OK here goes, how about we do a weekend challenge where the theme is ‘Finish Each Others Games’. The basic idea is that you take an existing game, it can be incomplete or complete, retrieve the source code and add your own elements/levels/art to it. The aim is to improve the game in any way you see fit. The end result should be a mass completion of unfinished games and vast improvement on already finished ones.


  • You need to declare the source code you’re working from before starting so we can see the difference in the initial and finished games
  • You can use your own source code from a past game if you want
  • Team entries are allowed
  • Many different participant/teams can work off one source code if they want
  • Once finished at the end of the week we will vote for the best game.

9 Responses to “A New Challenge”

  1. MrDude says:

    That’s a neat idea. Should really be a Mini-LD, actually.

    (I’m hosting the one this March, but I’ve already got my theme decided…)

  2. ACodeGerm says:

    Good idea in principle, but considering how sloppy coding gets during an LD….

    Haha, I still think I’d get a kick out of this regardless.

  3. thristhart says:

    I like this idea, it’ll highlight the terrible coding practices we all have!

    I apologize in advanced if anyone tries to work with mine.

  4. GreaseMonkey says:

    * This’d be very interesting.
    * Stuff that isn’t done can get done. I like stuff that is done.
    * Finally, decent music!

    * Not everyone has the required tools available to them, especially us not-windows users.
    * Any takers for something coded in Z80 assembler? (Counter-con: At least it’s not the Gameboy pseudo-Z80. You DO have the IX/IY registers.)

  5. hydroxy says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    @MrDude: when do you think would be the best time to hold a Mini-LD, it should be held over a weekend preferably. How about Friday 14th Jan – Sunday 16th Jan?

    @ACodeGerm & thristhart: I think trying to work with someone else’s code is quite challenging especially if the code is done in a non-familiar way, hopefully the process will allow you to understand how other programmers approach their own work and we should all learn some good lessons from it. We’ll no doubt see some very unique amalgamation of game development skills at the end of the challenge.

  6. LegacyCrono says:

    I like the idea. But dealing with other people’s code frightens me.
    Probably I’d spend more time recoding it to my own style than actually making new content… =/

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