I failed to finish anything at all worthwhile for Ludum Dare this time, but I did finish a game. I wanted to avoid making a game about the act of exploration because there’s already a million billion games about that, so instead I tried to focus on the fear of being discovered – the act of hiding, of obfuscating the truth from an investigating agent. The game I planned to make was like a cross between Pong and Battleships where both players tried to keep track of the ball’s location while hiding it from their opponent, but the short deadline, procrastination, and my poor technical abilities meant that I only ended up with a barely modified remake of Pong. It seems kinda ridiculous compared to some of the stuff you guys have been posting, but I’m pretty happy to have finished something more ambitious than a Wario Ware game.

Presenting: Turn-Based Pong. May or may not be more ambitious than a Wario Ware game.


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  1. aus_mike says:

    Interesting idea, the turn based bit made the gameplay kind of disjointed.
    The first time I fired a ball off and the highlighted paddle changed, I mistakenly throught I was waiting for the ball to come across and that it would fade in at the last minute.
    It very hard to predict what angle the ball will bounce at, if it was real time where the ball faded out of view in the middle and your control of the paddle changed each time the ball was hit, it could be quite exciting.

    • PurpleChair says:

      When the ball hits a paddle, a line is drawn between the centre of the ball and the centre of the paddle, and the ball bounces away in that direction. It’s not very realistic, but it’s supposed to allow for a greater range of control… assuming you can calculate the ball’s trajectory, that is.

      The only exception is if the ball is directly above or below the paddle, which would create a kind of infinite bounce loop… I think what I did was give the ball a 50% chance of deflecting at an unusual angle, and then a 50-50 chance of deflecting to the left or right, so in theory you could have a tense moment where the ball bounces up and down and you don’t know whether you’ll get the point or not!

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