Dr Discovery Post Mortem

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December 26th, 2010 10:14 am

What went right

Pixels! I love pixels, I first started to animate the characters in flash, but somehow the animations went berserk and I decided to go with pixels instead. They turned out nice. I imported pngs and animated them in flash.

Tiled. An open source tile editor I’ve used before. Implementation if the fileformat went smoothly and the editor is pretty easy to handle although it has it’s quirks. If you download Tiles you can modify the game by opening data/map_0.tmx (make sure to set Tiled to save xml files and not binary).

Mapsize. I made a map that is 100 x 100 tiles. I was afraid that it would slow the game down but I think it has not. the size did make the theme more applyable.

Flash Develop. My choice of IDE for coding flash applications/games. It aids you oodles in code-generation, hints and snippets.

What went wrong

Discovery theme. I planned for key/lock gameplay but only managed secrets and crate-opening as discovery-elements. Although there is one weapon pickup.

Music. I don’t know how so it’s usually left out in my games.

Other notes

I forgot to add the 3rd party librarys in my source-dist. But fear not here they are.

Play & rate my game here: Dr Discovery

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