Ludum Dare 19 has ended! Time to rate games!

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December 20th, 2010 8:19 pm

Both the Compo and the Jam have finally ended. Thank you everyone for joining us this December for our 19th event. By the time the clocks hit zero, we had 285 entries!! **

243 Compo, 42 Jam! Wow! New records across the board!

Since the holidays are coming up, we’ve decided to make judging last for 3 weeks instead of the usual two. Everyone has been randomly assigned 20 games, so please make an effort to play as many of those as you can. The list will grow over time, revealing more games to play.

Our next major event (Ludum Dare 20) will be in April 2011. Stay tuned to the mailing list for details.

Also! Game Developers Conference attendees, stay tuned! Like last year, we’re looking to arrange a meetup. Details will be here on the website, but I’ll be sure to ping the mailing list once things are more concrete.

Thanks again everyone for coming out, and we hope you have a safe and Happy Holidays.

* * *

PS: ** InaVegt, please check your game and post a comment. For some reason it’s flagged as disabled (an LD website bug?). Let me know where it should be (Compo/Jam) and I can fix it.

11 Responses to “Ludum Dare 19 has ended! Time to rate games!”

  1. You guys ROCK. What a wonderful holiday LD48. The entries that I’ve tried so far are absolutely amazing.

    Regarding game names that abuse the alphabetical sorting (eg starting with symbols): this is sleazy. I am very tempted to begin my game name with five tildes or a bunch of underscores. But I will hold back – otherwise we risk starting an arms race and getting a billion games with titles like “~~~ AAA1 Taxi ~~~” I wonder what we can do to stop this. Sadly it is definitely true that games at the top get played more often than games in the middle.

    Perhaps the php game submit script should simply strip all non alpha characters?

    Apart from this one issue, thanks so much, PoV and crew: we had a blast!

    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas everyone.

    • johnfn says:

      The answer to the alphabetical sorting problem seems pretty obvious to me: just randomize the order every time someone views the page. No bias!

    • MrDude says:

      I agree that at least leading non-alpha characters should be stripped by the submit script. Not necessarily all (Some titles have legitimate dashes in them and/or punctuation trailing)

      Though randomizing entries for each person each time would be a bit much, randomizing it, say, every 1/2 hour or so would be nice. If it were randomized each time it would be too difficult to, say, find one you’d like to play again.

  2. Sinuath says:

    I’d like to make a suggestion for the website and i have no idea where else to do it.

    I keep trying to follow certain developers and i think it’d be really keen if we had a way to make a list of certain developers that we want to check up on. Or a way to filter the submissions so the latest posts by certain people would show up.

  3. KoryWazHere says:

    Random order for games would be great, it really is the only fair way if you can do it =)

    Sorry for the …s, it seemed to work better for comic timing

    You Are A Duck!


    …You Are A Duck!

    I’m sure you can see it’s better that way. It would be a good one to fix though as I wouldn’t be suprised if my next enrty is “…You Are A Duck 2!” or even “…………….You Are Still A Duck!!!” ;P

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