Mini Ghost Hunter – Post Mortem

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December 19th, 2010 10:21 pm

It was fun to participate on this compo, and I’m happy I could finish it on time

My first idea was to make a simple platformer, but with the theme being discovery I couldn’t resist to make a roguelike. And btw it was the first time I made a roguelike, so I didn’t know where I was getting into…

One of the hardest parts was to create the battle system, and to get all the math right, like exp and hit chance calculation… it was a pain to get it right.

Luckly I kept things simple. No items or equips, and all stats are based on player level and by buying stats, wich was also pretty simple to make.
I’ve chosen to work with Construct (a game maker by Scirra), even though I was using it for only 4 days, I was quite familiar with it, because its so simple to use. A part of the game creation process was to get to know the tool better, and this will help me on future projects.

Creating the map was kinda hard, because Construct was lagging every time I selected a bunch of object or when there were already too many tiles on the map.

Debugging was impossible near the end. The built-in debugger couldn’t handle over 5000 objects without the FPS dropping to 4. The game itself was at 35fps for most of the time, at least on my computer.

And yes, I made some mistakes
– Playing TF2 for more than an hour
– Wasting to much time to get the shadow system the way I wanted (I started using 8×8 shadow tiles, but I switched to 4×4, wich took some time, but at the end I switched back to 8×8 to improve performance)
– I think Construct has a built-in save system, but I made a custom one myself, maybe it could have been easier to have used the built-in one

– Making really simple cute little pixel art graphics saved quite some time
– Giving a shit to music also saved time (at a price I guess)
– Slept only 6 hours a night

And that equals game :]

Cya next compo

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