Ludum Dare 19 Compo ends

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December 19th, 2010 6:28 pm

The competition portion of Ludum Dare 19 has come to a close. Once the clock hits zero, you have one hour to submit your game for inclusion in the Compo. After that, all new games are added to the Jam.

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Judging has begun! If you are a Mac or Linux developer, it’s recommended you make a Windows version available as soon as possible. Go here to add additional builds to your entry.

Thanks everyone for coming out and making Ludum Dare 19 such a big success.

Jammers, get back to work! :)

12 Responses to “Ludum Dare 19 Compo ends”

  1. PoV says:

    10 Minutes: 168 Entries
    5 Minutes: 186 Entries
    2 Minutes: 197 Entries
    1 Minute: 202 Entries
    0 Minutes: 211 Entries
    -5 Minutes: 224 Entries
    -10 Minutes: 228 Entries
    -15 Minutes: 232 Entries
    -25 Minutes: 236 Entries
    -30 Minutes: 242 Entries
    -40 Minutes: 246 Entries
    -50 Minutes: 248 Entries
    -59 Minutes: 249 Entries

  2. brandonman says:

    How long is voting this time around? 1 or 2 weeks? I remember a few LD’s ago when I last participated, it was 2 weeks, and that wait was killer :(

  3. plams says:

    Since we only submit download links to the final game, not the files themselves, what prevents people from ninja developing on the game past deadline? Good sportmansship? :-) Are bug fixes okay? Tweaking magic constants? :-) What about polishing? My game could need all of those, but it’d be nice to know where the line is drawn.

    • Praetor says:

      Fixing game-breaking bugs is usually fine, but anything more than that is usually frowned upon. You are free to add a second link to the updated version for people to look at if they so choose.

    • PoV says:

      Stability/crash bugs and porting we’re okay with, but to make it fair to everyone else, you shouldn’t be changing your game now that the deadline is passed.

      You can however do a Jam version or a “Post Compo” version. You can use one of your extra links to point people to the Jam version. And you are encouraged to tweak, tune, and polish a post competition version of the game, and do something with it (port it to iPhone, Android, etc).

      We want to feature great games that started in Ludum Dare, so if you do something with your game, let us know! Explosive Love is a great recent examples of this (see the sidebar on any non comment page).

  4. kurtwaldowski says:

    Just want to say thanks to all who participated and organized this contained craziness 😛 Had a great time!

  5. Endurion says:

    I have a problem with the judging script (the star thingy). In the office I’m stuck to web proxies and I can’t find any where that damn star exchange script works (the star URL is not converted and the images blocked). This makes have to chose blindly, which is not really fun.
    Any idea for a workaround?

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